Ron's Brain


About this site

I've made this site so I can post articles on whatever subjects that I think are interesting. I also post things that I would like to refer to later, such as recipes. This site isn't really a journal where I share new and interesting links; there are enough link sharing sites around. Instead, this is a theraputic outlet for me. I hope you find something interesting to read.

How it's made

I orignally made a CMS using PHP with a MySQL backend, and it held up for a number of years. I have no interest in maintaining that beast of code, and most of the content was garbage, so I decided to go simpler and use Pelican to generate a static site. I've preserved a bit of the old content, and will be working to migrate it over to this new format, but it's not all coming over.

To style it, I used the Normalize CSS baseline and modified it to my liking. I've used Twitter Bootstrap in the past, and it is excellent for web applications, but I thought I could benefit more with a good reset file and some custom styling.

About Ron

I'm a computer programmer, husband, father, musician, woodworker, joke teller, craftsman, doodler, recreational mathematician, brewer, drinker, cook, omnivore, and all around good guy. You can find me on Google+ and on Twitter.